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Convenient Scrap Metal Recycling

The scrap metal pile in your yard is probably worth considerably more than you think, let Cherry City Metals take care of your scrap metal recycling needs. What may look like a pile of rubbish could actually be a nice chunk of change in your pocket. Let that awful eye sore bother you no longer, and allow Cherry City Metals to purchase your unwanted scrap metal in the Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, and Albany, OR areas today. Old appliances and other spare metal parts are also welcome as your scrap metal probably has value that you could and should benefit from. Whether you are a large company or a walk –in , you are encouraged to drop off scrap metals for competitive and fair pricing. Not sure if your scrap metal or used appliance is worth recycling? Give Cherry City Metals a call to determine an estimate on the potential value of your unused metal.

Selling Scrap Metal

Cherry City Metals will gladly take care of your scrap metal recycling needs at our eco-friendly scrap metal yard. The scrap metal buying process is always fast, convenient, and is guaranteed to pay out more than any other scrap metal yard in the area. As expert scrap metal buyers, you are sure to get a fair price when selling scrap metal and it is our goal to ensure your satisfaction.  Some examples of what we recycle include:

used steel sales in salem or eugene and corvallis oregon cherry city metals

Scrap metal recycling is highly sought after and should be as metals can be repurposed for a myriad of different uses. Metals are not renewable resources which makes scrap metal recycling even more important for the environment. With Cherry City Metals, dropping off unused metals has never been so easy. The scrap metal recycling facility was constructed for ease of access and safety, so your experience when selling scrap metal is clean and simple. Our scales are certified and can be viewed by customers during the scrap metal purchasing process. Cash is paid immediately for ferrous items but there is a mandatory 3-day hold for non-ferrous material at which time a check is mailed to the customer.  This is per Oregon State Law. Our main source of recycling in Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, and Albany, OR consists of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Let Cherry City Metals take your unwanted scraps and extra materials to repurpose for future use.

Preparing For The Recycle Process

There are certain materials that can only be disposed of if they have been properly prepared for the recycling process. Drums and barrels can only be accepted if they have been thoroughly cleaned with one end removed for inspection purposes. Gas cylinders should be split, and aerosol cans must be emptied and punctured to be approved for disposal. Compressors of any kind need to be drained, drilled, or split to be authorized for recycling. Additionally, tanks must be cleaned with a 1foot square hold in the side.  Be sure to visit our site for unacceptable materials.

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