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Scrap Metal Clean Up

cherry city metals site clean up in salem or coravllis oregon and eugene
Scrap and junk metal has way of piling up when you least expect it.  Cherry City Metals can assist you with your scrap metal clean up. Perhaps you parked an old truck for the last time. Maybe you discarded some copper wire after your most recent renovation. Then you discarded some aluminum gutters that had seen better days. These items take up valuable space on your property, and they hurt your property’s visual appeal. Furthermore, discarded metals of tin have sharp edges that rust over time, leaving you vulnerable to injuries.  Don’t let that metal sit in your yard a moment longer. Instead, call Cherry City Metals to schedule a scrap metal clean up in Salem, OR. We’ll Come to You.

Scrap Metal Safety

cherry city metals construction site clean up in salem or coravllis oregon and eugene

We understand that scrap metal can be big, heavy, and difficult to move. Without the right tools or equipment, you could injure yourself or your employees-don’t risk it. We have mobile equipment and crews that will come to your location for the safe scrap metal clean up and removal of large amounts of scrap metal materrials. We have all the necessary equipment to remove metals in a variety of sizes and shapes. From there, we’ll pay you top dollar for your scrap metal, then we’ll take your metal to our recycling facility. We can then repurpose the metal for future use. Keep in mind that we only pick up larger items-although you can still bring smaller items to us. We also don’t accept certain materials.

Professional On-Site Scrap Metal Clean Up

We Come To You

cherry city metals site drop box clean up in salem or coravllis oregon and eugene metal removalTo find out more about what we can and can’t recycle, click here. Call Us Today We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and we promise to treat you with fairness. When you come to us, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best price for your metal. Call us at 503-588-0721 to schedule your next scrap metal clean up and recycling in Salem. Or fill out our contact form to request a free quote. For more information on Site Clean Up, please email Rich Schultz at

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