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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?
We are open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday — Saturday
Where are you located?
We are located in the Salem Industrial Park off Cherry Avenue in North Salem.
How can I tell if my metal is Ferrous or Non-Ferrous?
Generally, metal that is magnetic is Ferrous and non-magnetic is Non-Ferrous.
What is the difference between clean and unclean material?
Clean material is a single metal with no other metals or contaminants attached to it. (Paint is not considered a contaminant) Unclean material is several metals together or metal with a variety of contaminants on it such as plastic, wood, putty, etc.
Is it best to sort my material?
Sorting your metal is the best way to get the most money for your material. If metals are all mixed, you will generally get the price of the lowest grade metal in the mix.
How soon will I get paid?
Ferrous material can be paid for immediately with cash or check. Non-Ferrous material requires a 3 day waiting period before a check can be sent out for it. If you are a corporation or an LLC, we can check the business registry for the State of Oregon and make you exempt from the 3 day waiting period. You can then receive cash or check immediately for your material.
What materials do you take?
Please see the list under the what we take section of our website.
Do you post your prices?
With the scrap metal markets changing constantly, worldwide, there is no way to post prices and keep the most fair pricing in place for our customers. Please feel free to call and speak with one of our buyers at 1-800-309-JUNK to get the most current price.
What do I need to sell my automobile?
The easiest method to sell a vehicle is bring the title and any Bill of Sales that show changes in ownership. If the title has been signed off on and the chain of ownership is clear it is very easy to sell the vehicle. You will get the most value from you automobile, if it is complete with the Radiator, Battery and Catalytic Converter still attached. For passenger automobiles, we will take the car with tires and seats still inside. If you do not have the title for the vehicle, we can help you search out other methods for selling your vehicle. Please discuss your circumstances with a buyer when you call.
Do you accept computers, monitors and electronics?
Yes, with one exception – we only accept LCD monitors. Please call and talk to a buyer for current pricing on electronic scrap.
What kind of batteries do you take?
Lead Acid Batteries
Do you have a service that picks scrap metal up?
We pick up large quantities of scrap metal. We can place a box or trailer at your location. To set up drop box service or for a buyer to come and take look at what you have, please contact Rich in our office. For small quantity pickups, please contact our office and we can connect you to a local hauler in the area for a pick up.
Can you leave a box at my home or workplace to collect metal on a regular basis and what is the fee for this?
We place boxes throughout the Mid-Willamette valley to collect metal from businesses. There is no fee to place a box and our buyer can help you determine the size and details of a regular box pickup from your location.
If I see something in your yard that I want, can I buy it from you?
Sure! We have a large resale and useable steel yard. You are welcome to browse this area to find what you may be looking for. We also have a small quantity of new steel available and in many cases, are able to cut steel to the size you require.

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